Inspiring artful creativity in children.

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The perfect introduction to art!

"The perfect way to get creative with a toddler, without creating a giant mess at home. So many options for age appropriate sensory play – the perfect introduction to art!"

- Lousia and Issy (2 yrs), Upwey

Couldn't recommend it enough!

"Lovely way to get my kids involved with art, through play. The theme (which changes every week) really helped to bring it all together. My four year old could really explore one concept through lots of different activities. My youngest was so happy watching his big brother but also engaging with all the colour and fun around him. Couldn't recommend it enough!"

 - Aaron, Obi (18 months) and Viggo (4 yrs), Upwey

I didn't have to clean up!

"It was great for bubs to get down and dirty – squelching, smooshing and stirring – and I didn't have to clean up!"

 - Kate and Jesse (3 yrs), Princess Hill

Imagine a space where your child is free to learn through play, be creative, and make a mess. They can squelch around in as much jelly as they like, explore different ways of painting including using hands and feet, or create a 3-legged space creature with different materials. All whilst you have a cup of tea and aren't stressing about them drawing on your favourite white chair!

This is messy play. This is Artful Splodgers.