Our Mission

To develop young peoples learning in a creative way. Programs focus on exploration, discovery, and messy play to build self confidence, communication and imagination.

What we do

Artful Splodgers offers educational art and play based programs for children, such as messy play classes, and after school art and craft classes.

All of our programs have one thing in common - to learn creatively. 

How do we do this? Learning happens in different ways such as through play, problem solving and decision making, observation, collaboration, and hands on activities.

Through our art and play programs, children can be creative in their doing and thinking. We encourage self expression and provide a safe and supportive environment for them to experiment, create, and have fun in.

After School Art and Craft classes focus on the process of art-making, teaching children to slow down and enjoy being in the moment of creating rather than focusing on the finished product. The classes provide opportunities for them explore different aspects of art such as the materials they use, to the artists and themes they study. 

Our Messy Play classes encourage children under five years old to explore the world around them through different sensory experiences and unstructured play. Messy play builds fine motor skills, cognitive and language skills, and supports physical, social and emotional development. It is also really fun, and gives them an opportunity to make a mess without you having to clear it up!

Classes are run by a qualified art teacher, Lisa.

For After School Art and Craft Classes 

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For bookings, please use our online booking form.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Artful Splodgers and our classes, please email us at hi@artfulsplodgers.com.au

or call Lisa on 0430 958 616.